Carbohydrates and Diet for Diabetic

According to new research in the journal Nutrition and diabetes, eating more protein and fat helps the body digest carbohydrates if you consume it first and reduce their impact on blood sugar.

In the new study stated that seventeen men and women with 2 type diabetes patients asked to follow the same diet for four weeks. They were divided into two groups. One group ate the same food. The second group ate fat and carbohydrate and carbohydrate used later.

This research resulted in something big. Both groups had the same weight and waist size is reduced. However, the group that ate more fat and protein used to show an improvement of glucose control and insulin sensitivity. While the group did not eat in the order did not experience it.

“Protein and fat take longer to digest which slows the effects of sugar in the system affects our bodies,” said Domenico Trico, MD, chairman of the study and researcher at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa, Italy.

Eating protein and fat also helps better regulate how insulin is released, give the body more sensitive to insulin and reduce the storage of fat after a meal.

In other words, there is no longer blood sugar rises rapidly after a meal. Plus, fats, proteins, as well as fill the stomach faster, make full longer so that we so eat less. Ends, the weight down.

“Obviously this diet helps patients with diabetes,” said Trico. In a separate study, they also found the same benefits of blood sugar. He added, arrange the order of these foods can be an important tool separately manage and prevent diabetes. He called this diet trick quick, decent, cheap and safe.

In order for this diet trick successfully, Trico suggest spending all carbohydrates at the end of the meal. People involved in the study ate meat, or fish and vegetables as an appetizer, followed by pasta, since the study was conducted in Italy. Eating is then covered with fruit.

Also recommended is also important to pay attention to what is perceived body. If it feels satiety by eating vegetables and meat, eating only fruit one or two bites. Or fruit can be eaten later when hungry again.