Charcoal drinks for health

Drinks charcoal or charcoal drinks made from activated charcoal, the charcoal usual heated with gas to generate pores.

Pores is then useful to capture harmful compounds. That is why active charcoal have utility as a drug.

Effective is for health?

Usually the activated charcoal used as an emergency treatment for poisoning, relieve hangover, to prevent flatulence. When ingested, the active charcoal can prevent certain chemicals to be absorbed by the stomach.

As a deterrent poisoning, activated charcoal has not been evaluated in the study are enough to prove its effectiveness in use.

However, some studies have shown that activated charcoal is effective in reducing gas. And when used to prevent motion sickness, experts say that it seems unable to grasp the alcohol, making it less effective.

Side effects?

The side effects of ingesting activated charcoal is not too serious, but can cause constipation and stool black.

In very rare cases, activated charcoal can cause intestinal blockage. And because charcoal can absorb what is in your stomach, you should not take medication within two hours after consuming the drinks charcoal.

Why you should try?

If you’re curious to try to drink activated charcoal, choose a brand that has a good reputation and drink in small amounts first.

Charcoal has a neutral taste, and drinks charcoal has now been given a variety of flavors, such as lemon.