Counseling The Christian Way

Often times people seek counseling for similar reasons such as anxiety, depression or fears, but is there a difference between seeking out a typical counselor than a Christian counselor?  Therapy is therapy no matter how you look at it, but it depends on which direction you are headed that sets these two types of counseling apart from each other.

What are the differences between the two types of counseling?

First off, regardless of which type of counseling you may choose, the therapist needs to be credentialed and have a broad spectrum of many different situations.  A typical counselor should be able to place themselves in your situation and feel your emotions from inside to outside.  A good counselor will connect with you even if it means bringing out your pain and strong emotions and then helping you deal with these issues through a deep thought process. 

Christian counseling is a counseling approach through theology.  Christian counseling is not about judging one’s mistakes and it is not about trying to restore you to the way you were before your problems set it, Christian counseling is about redeeming the person, through integration, which is a far more higher state than trying to restore the person back to their original state. Christian counseling is based on beliefs that helping you return to your original state, your original way of life is only setting you up for another downfall, the type of downfall the person got in when they felt the need to seek counseling.  Rather, Christian counseling is intended to help the person grow spiritually, through the “narrow gate”, because the “wide gate” is what led us to the destruction in the first place.

Christian counseling is about restoring the broken person  to function again through a spiritual growth process and a Christian counselor should be able to provide therapy through the biblical process rather than piecing several different scriptures together. 

Christian therapy incorporates values such as what is right and what is wrong.  Values such as honesty, trust, truth is what guides us on our path to life or destruction, and  these values should be strongly addressed in a therapy session.

Is Christian counseling effective?

Christian counseling is certainly effective, but one must be able to grasp onto a bigger picture of the future.  Often  times people get stuck in their growth due to resistance.  Perhaps the person being counseled comes upon an issue that is too hard for them to deal with.  The counselee may tend to ask for prayer to avoid the current situation that they don’t want to face, or bring God into the picture accusingly asking why God let them get to this point.  A good Christian therapist will counsel on this issue through the Bible, and based on truth, not grace alone.  For this reason effective Christian counseling will be confrontational, bringing out the truth, this is what counts and how we heal. 

Heartfelt Christian Counseling moves a person through inside behaviors to outward growth, to God, this is how we are redeemed, and sanctified for healing.

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