Fact of Myth ? Cold Rice and Pasta Healthier ?

Currently carbohydrates avoided people who want to lose weight. But certain types of carbohydrates do not cause weight gain.

Popular diets like Dukan and Atkins restricts carbohydrate intake at the beginning of the diet. As a result, the reputation of carbohydrates worse.

Nutritional consultant Rebecca McManamon of the British Dietetic Association said, carbohydrates are an important part of our food intake. He also warned of the danger of reducing carbohydrates is too drastic.

“You will experience weight loss in the short term, but it will not be sustainable,” he said.

“Carbohydrates will not cause weight gain. Fibers in healthy carbohydrates for health benefits for us,” he said.

It is wrong to do a lot of people, according to McManamon is about serving. “Portions served in restaurants are often larger than booked,” he explained.

Healthy carbohydrates such as brown rice or whole wheat bread also called resistant starch because withstand digestion and digested differently than carbohydrates like flour and white rice. Unripe bananas, whole grains, including healthy carbohydrates.

Dietician Sian Porter said carbohydrate is composed of a broad category and the public need to know that all carbs are not the same. “The type and quantity in our diet is important,” he said.

“We need to reduce the amount of sugar in everyday life and have to rely on fibrous carbohydrates. There is strong evidence that fiber found in oats good for our health,” he added. Fiber also must be obtained from vegetables and fruits.

The types of carbohydrates such as pasta, boiled potatoes and white rice will be better when allowed to cool for being resistant starch longer to digest than other carbohydrates.

Prof. Paul Arciero, health and sports science experts from Skidmore College New York conducted a study to examine the resistant starch as a healthy food for those who develop Type 2 diabetes.

“Once you eat that contain carbohydrates, unusual is the fact that our body can burn more fat percentage as an energy source,” he said.

“If you combine resistant starch with boiled eggs, whey protein, chicken, yogurt, it’s very nice,” he continued. Starchy food that will fill the stomach, energize and give the brain serotonin.

Sources of carbohydrates from whole grains are rich in fiber and proven to prevent diseases ranging from heart to colon cancer. In addition, these types of carbohydrates are rich in vitamin B, iron and potassium.