Food For Your Health : Kimchi facts

Kimchi, fermented cabbage or radish mixed with a lot of spice is a staple food in Korean cuisine.

There are 187 types of kimchi, and every family has their own recipe, culinary experts and chefs said from New Jersey Judy Joo. Morning, noon, night, kimchi was never missing from the family dinner table Korea.

“Koreans do not feel that they really have eaten until they eat kimchi,” he said. “They have to eat every day, or they feel like there is something missing in their lives.”

Besides being rich in flavor, kimchi also has many health benefits. Kimchi is rated low in calories, helps to increase metabolism, boost immunity, and improve digestion probiotics. “Kimchi has a thousand times the probiotics than yogurt,” said Joo.

Only, kimchi smell, said Joo. This is a very pungent materials, like goat cheese. However, the fermentation of kimchi smell, the greater the health benefits.

That is why, kimchi is no longer only found in traditional Korean food, kimchi now also has become topping burger, taco contents, or complementary chips, further Joo.

Eating kimchi every day, it can even help you find a healthy weight because it increases metabolism in human body’s .