Get Relief From Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome comes in various degrees of severity. For some, the symptoms are more of a nuisance that don’t interrupt their daily lives. For others, the issues prevent a person from carrying on with his or her regular routines. Regardless of the severity, IBS is a long-term problem that needs to be managed in some way. Most people want to find the best ways to get relief from the symptoms. Here are a couple of ideas for dealing with the issues IBS creates.

Keep an Eye on Diet

There are certain foods and drinks that can exacerbate the problems that come with irritable bowel syndrome. By removing these from a person’s diet, it is possible to decrease at least some of the problems experienced by a patient. Certain foods like broccoli and beans tend to create gas, causing a person to feel uncomfortable. For a person with IBS, gas can be painful. By avoiding these types of foods, it is possible to manage the symptoms and in a way, decrease the frequency with which they occur.

Decrease Stress

Sometimes anxiety, worry, and stress can enhance the symptoms of IBS. While the issues may always be present, when a person is struggling mentally or emotionally, they could be much worse. It is important to find methods for coping with the stress in order to decrease the frequency and intensity in which the issues occur.

Sometimes a person will be stressed about the result of his or her IBS symptoms. It can be embarrassing to be out in public and begin to suffer from any one of the symptoms. To avoid these issues, consider eating in advance of an event, avoid any foods that could make things worse, and be aware of the closest bathrooms.

Keep an Eye on Medications

Certain medications can also be problematic for a person suffering from IBS. If certain medications are necessary, patients can talk to their doctors about other forms or versions to try. For example, some antibiotics or antidepressants can make the symptoms worse. It might be possible for a patient to switch to something that is less likely to elevate the frequency or severity of the symptoms.