How To Make Coffee Delicious and Delicious

Coffee became one of the most popular beverages in the world, even for some people drinking coffee has become a daily activity. Although many opinions about the content in coffee that has a negative effect on health, but coffee is still favored by almost 80% – 90% of the adult population in the world.

If you are one of the coffee lovers, there are several ways to make coffee more enjoyable. You should pay attention to the quality of the water, the quality of the coffee itself, the proportion that determines the concentration of coffee, and several other factors. Cried again is currently we can buy the tools of the manual coffee maker and make it yourself. The trick is easy, you can make your own coffee racikan. Here are some ways to make delicious coffee that you can try:

Filter Method / Drip Method

This method is a way of making popular coffee that is widely used by the community because it is fairly simple and efficient.

How to make coffee with this method is very easy. Coffee powder is placed on filter paper on a coffee pot. Then the hot water will be poured over it, the coffee is then brewed by heating the vessel and coffee is ready to be served.

French Press

If the French Press method is often you meet in coffee shops. French Press or Plunger / Cafetiere can extract many of the flavor imagery contained in ground coffee. You can buy this French Press tool at an affordable price.

How to use it is also fairly simple, put enough coffee powder into Frensh Press, pour boiling water which previously been ignored for 1 minute into the French Press. Make sure you pour boiling water from the carafe into French Press with a rather high position from French Press itself because it can produce bubbles of water that will make the aroma of coffee more enjoyable. Then stir well, the longer stirred it will make the aroma and taste more coffee together. The last step is to press the coffee using the French Press lid slowly. Pour the mixture into the cup and coffee is ready to be enjoyed.

Turkish Coffee

This method is also called Arab Method. Actually this method is the origin of the first way of making coffee. By using this method, you can produce coffee with a very strong flavor. This method is suitable for you who really like coffee with a strong taste.

First of all to make this coffee there is grind coffee beans manually using mortar and pestle or coffee grinder (kahve değirmeni). The coffee powder is then placed in a vessel with sugar and water. This mixture is inserted and set aside 3 times. Coffee was ready to be served.


Espresso machine is arguably one of the most sophisticated machines to make coffee. Almost everything can be run automatically, including in the temperature setting. But still the coffee produced will be determined from your own experiences in making coffee.

How to make coffee with espresso machine somewhat complicated, especially for you who are the first time to use it. The first thing to do is smooth the coffee beans, using this Espresso machine, you can adjust the fineness of the right coffee according to your taste, the clearer the more subtle will be able to produce a delicious flavor. Place the already fine coffee beans into the Porta Filter, but make sure it is flushed and dried first. Keep the smooth coffee surface on the Filter Port flat, by tapping the Porta Filter or simply tapping it. The last step is to do the Espresso Extraction, by using Variable Presseru you can remove the flavor you want.

The four methods are just examples of how to make coffee using a machine. Currently more and more references to make coffee that you can find on Youtube or internet. For you who want to make coffee, you do not need to be confused in searching tool or coffee machine, because you can buy it online