Iron-Rich Foods Without Meat

Our bodies need iron. Iron helps the circulation of oxygen to cells throughout the body via the blood, supports the immune system and cognitive performance

however, for some people, it is difficult to meet the requirement of 18 milligrams of iron daily recommended for women between the ages of 19 to 50 years.

“Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional disorder,”. If you are not a fan of red meat, you may be more difficult meet the daily requirement of iron is recommended.

According to the National Institutes of Health vegetarians need about 32 milligrams of iron per day to meet their needs!

Why is the amount of iron needed vegetarian and non-vegetarian different? Because iron there are two types of iron-heme and non-heme.

“Plant-based food that is stimulated with iron containing non-heme iron only, while poultry, meat, and seafood contain iron heme and non-heme”

Heme iron is more easily absorbed by the body. So, if you only rely on non-heme iron then you should consume of plant foods that contain more iron than red meat.

So how can you boost your iron consumption without relying on red meat? Here are seven iron-rich foods derived from sources other than red meat.


The oysters are not only known as an aphrodisiac food, but also rich in iron. Three ounces of eight milligrams oysters contain heme iron.

“Abortion is beyond red meat and also contains less saturated fat than most red meat,” said Isabel Smith, R.D. and founder Isabel Smith Nutrition.


Half a cup of white beans contains about four milligrams of non-heme iron. “Nuts are also a source of fiber and vegetable protein that is essential to your diet,”

“They also can help lower cholesterol and control blood sugar levels.”


Half a cup of boiled spinach contain three milligrams of iron plant, In addition, spinach also contains 20 vitamins and minerals that are needed by your body.


Chia seeds have long been a mainstay for a healthy life thanks to the content of fatty acids Omega-3nya high. Now there is another reason to love chia seeds, namely because they are good sources of iron.

“Chia seeds are vegetable sources of non-heme iron,” said Smith. One ounce of chia seeds contains about two milligrams of iron.


Yes, cocoa delicious used as a drink and cake mixes are vegetable sources of iron. Three ounces of cocoa or chocolate powder, serving about seven milligrams non-heme iron. In addition, cocoa or chocolate contains flavonoids and magnesium to help maintain brain health.