Know the Types of Coffee Maker and Functions

There are many types of coffee makers are widely circulated in the market. From French Press, Syphon, Chemex, Kalita Wave, Moka Pot, Vietnam Drip, Rok Presso, Filtron Cold Drew, Hario V60, Aero Press, and more. Relax, not everything you need to learn really. Simply identify and learn what suits your needs. Here are some easy-to-use manual coffee makers

Moka Pot

Moka Pot can also be called Bialetti. The price is quite affordable, its use was fairly easy. Moka Pot is a manual coffee maker found by Alfonso Bialetti, an Italian native. This tool can also be used to create an espresso shot, but you have to change the ratio of water and coffee if you want to get a good taste.

Coffee Making Skirt Tool

If you want to make espresso, you can use this one tool. The quality baseball loser kok same espresso machine that is on average relatively expensive. Suitable for you coffee lovers who want to enjoy an espresso every day without having to spend too much. Although it requires a decent effort, the resulting sense is comparable with the energy you spend. For the sake of a glass of espresso what is baseball?

French Press

This tool can be spelled out a lot of lovers of coffee. In addition to its fairly easy use, French Press can produce several cups of coffee in one shot. Very efficient and effective, right? Because of the ease of operation, this tool is perfect for beginner coffee lovers who want to try mix their own coffee.


Hario V60

Curious why not called V60? Investigate a calibration turns this one coffee tool has a slope of 60 degrees. The price is relatively affordable but can create a variety of scents make Hario V60 much-loved coffee lovers.



Kalita Wave

Kalita Wave has a unique shape. Actually for how to use, this tool is similar to Hario V60. It’s just that Kalita Wave offers different forms, tailored to the tastes of its users. The shape is trapezoidal and the bottom is flat. The price varies depending on quality and size.