Where to Find Jobs for Former FBI Agents

When one retires from a career working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, they may find that they are not necessarily ready for a traditional retirement.  While some people may be content to spend more time with family and pursue their hobbies, others, particularly younger retirees, may find that FBI Retired would prefer finding a new job to fill their time.  

When one thinks of retired FBI agent jobs, they may automatically think of a former agent working as a police consultant or possibly as a security guard.  However, there are many more skill sets found in FBI employees.  There are individuals who work in administrative positions, office positions, psychology, and more.  One area that may provide excellent jobs for former FBI agents that is often overlooked is the academic world.

Former agents may find that they would enjoy working as a university or college professor.  What type of classes one would teach would depend on their expertise.  A retired profiler may teach basic psychology, or could lead an in depth class on criminal profiling for higher level students studying criminal justice.  Some teaching positions may require one to go back to school themselves or attain some sort of certification for teaching, but this will vary by state and school.   Retirees may also consult with professors on course material, edit research, or perhaps act as a guest lecturer for part of a course. 

Police and sheriff’s academies may offer former agents a more specialized chance to teach and share their expertise.  A career in law enforcement gives one a great deal of knowledge to pass onto up and coming officers.  If one has a great deal of field work under their belt, they might consider teaching a self defense or personal awareness class on a regular basis for citizens in their community.