Why Aging Men May Need Extra Testosterone to Stay Fit

Is “middle-aged spread” just a fact of life for men, or is there something they can do about it? The answer to both questions is yes. Many men gain weight and lose muscle mass as they age and lower testosterone levels can contribute to the problem. Decreased production of this important hormone can also reduce energy and change fat distribution, making it harder for men over 40 to stay fit.

Testosterone’s Role in Male Life Cycles

When young males reach puberty, their testicles typically begin to produce large amounts of the hormone testosterone. This causes them to develop masculine traits like body hair and a changed physique. Testosterone is responsible for increasing sperm production, muscle mass, and an increased libido. It also helps reduce body fat and helps men maintain bone density. After they turn 30, testosterone production drops at the rate of about 1% per year. Eventually it can drop low enough to affect energy levels, sleep patterns, fertility, sex drive, and emotions. These natural changes can be disturbing, so many men now search for solutions and supplements online, at sites such as http://testosteronebarn.com/.

How Testosterone Affects Fitness

Although hormone supplements help many men, it is important that they see their doctors before trying any regimen to increase levels. Low testosterone can be caused by medical conditions as well as natural aging. However, healthy men can often counteract the effects of aging with regular exercise, which many doctors recommend. Body building is especially good at building muscle mass. Many body builders use testosterone supplements in order to get the best results. That is because weight lifting builds muscles by tearing and then rebuilding them, a process that requires adequate amino acids and testosterone levels. Supplements may also contain ingredients that boost energy and overall health. Finally, men often supplement their diets and weight lifting regimens in order to look and feel their best, which is essential to good emotional health.

Many men who are over 40 maintain healthy, fit bodies with the help of weight lifting and supplements. The combination is successful among otherwise healthy men who may need energy and hormone boosts to offset natural decreases in testosterone levels.